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Mid-Century Beetles

Mid-Century Beetles

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Our largest beetle frame to date, this antique mid-century frame is the perfect showcase for this large collection of beetles. Filled with 48 beetles, and over 35 different specimen this collection frame is a true gem. Metallic details, intriguing patterns and shapes and with a wide range of colours this is a frame in which you will keep on discovering new details.




4x Flower Chafers Kenya, Eupholus Chevrolatti, Eupholus Geofroyi, Eupholus Linnei, Eupholus Magnificus, Eupholus Schoenherri Misol, Eupholus Schoenherri Petiti, Rhinoscapha (Black/Green), Rhinoscapha (Yellow/Greenish), Couple x Rosalia Lameerei, Sphingnotus Mirabilis, 2x Nemophas tricolor, Cicindela Aurulenta, Belionota Tricolor, 2x Anoplophora Graafi, Chalcothea Affinis, 2x Cyphogastra Calepyga, 2x Cyphogastra javanica, Gelaeus Walkeri, 2x Sternocera Ruficornis Aequisinat, Chrysophora Chrysochlora, 2x Chrysochroa fulminans, 2x Plusiotis Erubecens, Hypatium Splendidum, 2x Catacanthus Punctus, Tragocephala Mima, Glenea Caelestis, Mecosaspis Plutina ssp., Heterorrhina Sexmaculata, Rutelinae species, Demochroa Detani, Polybrothis Sumptuosa Gemma, 2x Tmesisternus Rafaelae, Lamprima adolphinae, Catoxantha Opulenta.




Dimensions: 44cm x 34cm x 4cm

Wooden Mid-Century Frame in polished wood with a newly placed plastazote backing. This box frame can either be hung or stand by itself as it is also equipped with picture frame hooks.



We work with the highest quality of specimens but as they are 100% natural note that they may very slightly defer in size, shape or colour. 

Our specimens are sustainably sourced, you can read all about our ethics here.


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