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Are these real butterflies and insects?

All of our specimen are real and are expertly prepared to museum standards. For the domes all butterflies and insects are mounted on carbon fibre or wood in a handmade quality glass dome. Our one of a kind pieces are often mounted in antique 19th century domes. For the frames the specimen are mounted in museum quality entomology frames, black and white boxes with glass front. A great deal of care and eye for detail goes into each piece to assure they measure up to our high standards.

Are your species ethically sourced?

All our butterflies & insects are sourced from butterfly farms around the world, including Australia, Asia and American rainforest and jungle areas which breed for insect collectors. The specimen that we use are raised on the farms specifically for preservation mostly for collectors and educational purposes.

The income from the sale of these butterflies helps to preserve the valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers an ethical income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest & jungle. The butterflies’ habitat needs to be sustained so by supporting these farming efforts the land can be kept profitable for the locals without the need to resort to drastic deforestation or industrialisation.

Will my dome or frame come out exactly the same as pictured?

We do our best to make domes and frames come out as much as possible as the pieces pictured on our website. However, keep in mind that we are working with natural species and that no two butterflies or insects are identically the same. We have standardised our process to assemble the different domes but sometimes we will have to adjust the placement of certain elements a little to make everything fit and come together properly. This should be approached as a beautiful thing because it makes every piece unique.

How should the displays be looked after?

The domes and frames are assembled with a great deal of care and to very high standards, they should last longer than a lifetime if properly looked after;

Keep them away from direct sunlight as that may cause the bright colours of the specimen to fade.

Keep them in a dry space. We keep many displays all over our house and they all keep well but it is best not to place them in places with excessive damp conditions such as small bathrooms or kitchens.

Dust the dome or frame with a dry (microfiber) cloth, don’t use a wet one as it will leave marks and water stains if not dried off properly.

If the inside of your dome becomes a little hazy over time, then carefully lift the glass dome off the wooden base. Be sure to lift it perfectly vertically to not damage anything inside. Wipe with a dry (microfiber) cloth and place glass dome over the base again in the same way.