I have always loved beautiful decorations, items that are antique or handmade and unique in their design - in short, details that make a house your house and tell a story. My journey with such things amplified a handful of years ago when my husband and I were living in India - I love nothing more that to get lost in large cities and explore local markets to find trinkets and local craftsmen.

We moved to London a few years later and I started working as a brand manager, a creative job but I so missed making something with my hands. I grew up in a house full of unique items, my mother’s fascination with antiques and travel keepsakes having been passed down to me. A few of those items were curiosities, from an antique mammoth leg to ostrich eggs and antique tortoise shells. So in a moment of lost thought I signed up to a taxidermy course and my UC Studio journey starts there. My interest shifted from birds to insects and the more I worked with colourful butterflies and mesmerising beetles the bigger the passion became.

I am now putting in the hours at my West London studio and couldn’t be happier. Not a day goes by where I am not fascinated by the bugs I work with and my mind is overflowing with ideas on how to best present them.

I like to think that my work is characterised by balanced compositions, a love for colours and patterns and for mixing in antique touches. Aside from having a running collection of domes and frames and unique one of a kind pieces I try and introduce antique curiosities such as corals and shells to the shop - stay tuned, there’s lots more coming!

It is important to me to note that I am a practicing entomologist who cares a lot about the animals I work with so if you would like to read more about how I ethically approach this then please have a look here.


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I work from a dedicated studio space in Shepherds Bush. There is always a range of finished works on display and I keep all my prepared stock safely tucked away - antique domes and box frames, lots of work in progress and thousands of butterflies and beetles.

If you would like to come around for a visit you are always very welcome, it is the easiest way to work on a commission piece together. This is by appointment only so please send me an email at info@ucstudio.co.uk.

X, Hannelore