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Dawn Rising Assembly

Dawn Rising Assembly

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A colourful collection of 4 frames where yellow, orange and purple tones blend together. Think of a breathtaking dawn morning where the light takes on a golden glow - the most breathtaking moment of the day…



Small Frame 1 :

1 x Cethosia Hypsea

1 x Delias Belisama

1 x Heliconius Melpomene Xenoclea

Large Frame 1 :

1 x Asterope Pechueli

1 x Delias Hyparete

1 x Delias Lemoulti

1 x Hypolimnas Pandarus

Small Frame 2 :

1 x Phoebis Philea

1 x Phoebis Statira

1 x Dismorphia Nemesis

Large Frame 2 :

1 x Anteos Clorinde

1 x Catonephele Numilia

1 x Phoebis Argante



S Frame: 15x18x5cm

L Frame: 18x23x5cm

These museum grade entomology frames are constructed from wood plastered with book-binding cloth and a plastazote backing. They are box frames with a removable lid. They are 5cm deep and equipped with picture frame hooks so you can choose to hang or have them stand up.



We work with the highest quality of specimens but as they are 100% natural note that they may very slightly defer in size, shape or colour.

Our specimens are sustainably sourced, you can read all about our ethics here.

PS: Because the assemblies are made up out of a range of different butterflies from all over the world it is possible we sometimes run out of stock of certain specimen. We reserve the right to replace specimen with very similar alternatives. If this worries you and would like to see a picture once you've placed your order just write us a message and we'll happily send you a photo if any specimen had to be replaced and are now slightly different from the reference image.


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