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Baroque Butterflies

Baroque Butterflies

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An incredibly unique display of different butterflies and damselflies from around the world. All displaying neutral undertones, the depth and details on all these insects will keep on bringing surprise.

This antique baroque frame was restored and now proudly displays over 56 different specimens with a total count of 92 butterflies and 4 damselflies. 



Papilio Antenor, Papilio Dardanus, Papilio Demodocus, Papilio Demolion, Papilio Gambrisius Colossus, Papilio Warscewiczii, Papilio Xuthus, Pierella Astyoche Lucia, Taenaris, Acraea Ssp, Ascia Buniae, Cymothoe Beckeri, Cymothoe Reinholdi, Cyrestis Camillus, Doxocopa Agathina, Doxocopa Laure, Haetera Piera, Idea Blanchardi, Ornithoptera Priamus Poseidon, Eurytides Dolicaon, Marpesia Coresia, Cithaerias Aurorina Female, Delias Oraia Lydia, Ideaopsis Gaura, Papilio Euchenor, Microstigma Damselfly, Euphaea Lara, Stichopthalma Camadeva, Pseudacraea sp., Charaxes Brutus, Charaxes Etesipe, Ideopsis Juventa Manillana, Belenois Calypso, Precis Almana, Graphium Leonidas, Papilio Memnon, Papilio Lycophron, Riodinidae. 



Dimensions: 97cm x 67,5cm x 5cm

Wooden antique frame that was restored and re-gilded with a newly placed plastazote backing. This frame is equipped with specialised picture frame wire and picture frame hooks to be hung.



We work with the highest quality of specimens but as they are 100% natural note that they may very slightly defer in size, shape or colour. 

Our specimens are sustainably sourced, you can read all about our ethics here.


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